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Welcome to Black Desert Online Character Wiki! All are free to start up any pages they like as long as it pertains to the game we all have come to enjoy! There are very few rules for using the wiki so I hope everyone who comes here can abide by them!

Do not post pornographic images! (External links I cannot stop you but you need to tag 'NSFW' and use 'Spoiler' tags!)
Do not alter someone's Wiki for improper purposes
-This includes but is not limited to:

  • Editing a wiki to look bad/cuss/pick out random things to make it against the original creator's wishes
  • Editing a wiki to a completely blank slate without owner's permission
  • Devaluing or Defrauding someone's wiki by making a copy/clone of it in means to degrade or defile said person/character

If you are found editing someone's wiki in which they feel threatened, attacked, or a clone of one/a page dedicated to insulting a player/group/culture - YOU WILL BE IP BANNED instantly. This is a no tolerance issue and I will uphold it to a tee!

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How do I log in to the Wiki?
Logging in is the very first step of creating a wiki, simply click the 'create' and fill the information in on the account you wish to use/create. This account is yours and yours alone and will tag anything you edit. You can still look over the wiki without logging in, but you will not be able to create or edit anything!

How do I start a Wiki page for my character?
Go to the search tab and type in the name of the character you wish to create! You will be prompted in bold red text that the page does not exist and ask if you wish to create it. Obviously, you do so click and get started!

Alright, reserved my page. Now what?
You can type in the information you want people to know about your character. Be sure to label what sections you want to be known IC or not known at all. You can always go back and edit so don't worry too much about making mistakes.